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Kelleher decorative wood moulding, including crown, casing and base moulding is on display in this Victorian style interior

Moulding & Trim

Profiles, patterns & styles for Bay Area Homes

When it comes to moulding and trim, we carry a wide collection of moulding styles, profiles & patterns found in Bay Area homes. Milled by artisan craftsman from some of the finest moulding mills, including Kelleher, Metrie El & El and WindsorONE.

Our selection includes hardwood, clear solid and finger-jointed Pine, vertical-grain Fir, Redwood and MDF moulding with exceptional detail that is primed and ready to paint.

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An assortment of wood and MDF mouldings, including crown, casing, baseboard and decorative
  • Kelleher Moulding
  • Metrie El & El Wood Products
  • WindsorONE Premium Wood Moulding
Crown and base mouldings are used in this simple living room design featuring doors to the patio and oversized fireplace mantle and surround

Kelleher Moldings

Kelleher is our decorative millwork supplier of choice and represents some of the finest wood moulding mills in the world. One of the largest distributors of wood mouldings, Kelleher has a network of artisan craftsman, manufacturing and prefinishing facilities to tailor products to your needs.

Kelleher offers a very diverse range of moulding and trim products with styles and patterns for Northern California architecture. Their product line is very affordable and features mouldings in a variety of wood species including Pine, Douglas Fir, Oak, Poplar, Alder and Redwood, with a complete selection of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) mouldings.

Our Kelleher inventory includes common styles and profiles in finger-jointed Pine. If we do not stock a particular style we can order it and have it delivered to our yard within a day or two.

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Design & Style Guides

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Kelleher Northern Edition Moulding Catalog and Design Guide cover

Kelleher Moulding Catalog
Interiors are influenced by architectural styles and this Catalog and Design Guide shows which moulding pattern to use to achieve your desired look.
Northern Edition
Kelleher Moulding Catalog
155 pgs / 27.8MB PDF

Architectural Collections
The Design & Style Guide for Moulding & Trim covers architectural styles and installation. Lots of ideas can be found in this handy guide to moulding and trim.
Kelleher Architectural Collections
24 pgs / 10.9MB PDF

Kelleher Design and Style Guide
Design and style guide for moulding and trim.
Kelleher Design & Style Guide
24 pgs / 9.7MB PDF

Signature Series
Premium primed Pine moulding collections including Craftsman, Beaded and Monterey.
Kelleher Signature Series
7 pgs / 2.1MB PDF

Our store features a display of moulding styles and patterns. Moulding sample kits are available through our Millwork department.
Interior of a bedroom with an ornate ceiling and extensive use of decorative moulding, trim and accessories

Metrie El & El Moldings

Metrie El & El Wood Products specializes in exceptionally fine wood and urethane mouldings for every room in the house. Whether you are working on a residential remodel, doing new construction or planning a restoration project, Metrie El & El has a complete range of products created to enhance and compliment the design and esthetic of your project.

A selection of Metrie El & El primed moulding in wood and MDF

We stock Metrie El & El mouldings in many common profiles in Pine and MDF.

Metrie El & El mouldings are available in a wide variety of species including solid and finger-jointed Pine, Ultralight and Standard MDF, Douglas Fir, Redwood, Oak, Poplar, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Alder and resin. They also inventory specialty mouldings including ornamentally embossed Poplar mouldings, high-relief mouldings, hand-carved friezes and flexible mouldings when you need to follow a curve.

Metrie El & El logo

Design & Style Guides

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Catalog cover for The Black Book of Moulding - a pocket guide for Interior and Exterior Moulding from Metrie El & El Wood Products

The Black Book of Moulding
This Interior/Exterior Moulding Pocket Guide features MDF, Finger-jointed Pine, Solid Pine, Hardwoods, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir and Redwood.
Metrie El & El Black Book of Moulding
100 pgs / 5.2MB PDF

Metrie El & El Hardwood Moulding
Alder, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Poplar and Walnut. Choose from base, casing, crown, decorative, casing panel, handrail, jambs and frames.
Metrie El & El Hardwood Moulding
6 pgs / 2.5MB PDF

Metrie El & El Pine Moulding
Solid Pine, raw and primed finger-jointed Pine and LVL. Choose from base, casing, crown, decorative, jambs and frames.
Metrie El & El Pine Moulding
6 pgs / 2.7MB PDF

Interior Moulding and Trim Catalog
Moulding styles, sizes and wood species.
Metrie El & El Interior Moulding and Trim Catalog
80 pgs / 15.3MB PDF

Examples of Craftsman style moulding and usage for a Craftsman style home

WindsorONE Moldings

Historically accurate, Windsor Mills manufactures classic american mouldings with great attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. Made from real wood, finger-jointed and coated with three coats of acrylic primer, WindsorONE are premium wood mouldings. All profiles have crisp, sharp edges and mouldings tend to be fuller, with wider flutes and deeper incisions to accentuate details.

Choose from four architecturally inspired collections: Classic Colonial, Greek Revival, Classical Craftsman and Colonial Revival. Each collection includes all the components to design an architecturally proportionate room without guesswork. Whether you want to add detail to your window and door casings, or you want to add wainscoting to your kitchen, WindsorONE Moldings are worth taking a look at. Made in the USA

WindsorOne logo

Design & Style Guides

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Cover for the WindsorONE catalog offering of interior and exterior mouldings

WindsorONE Catalog
Interior / Exterior Mouldings. This catalog covers the entire WindsorONE offering of Trim Boards, Shiplap, Tongue & Groove, Beaded Casing & Mouldings.
Trim, Specialty & Molding Catalog
68 pgs / 4.3MB PDF / 2021

WindsorONE Farmhouse
Trim ideas for a traditional or modern farmhouse.
Farmhouse Trim Idea Book
16 pgs / 5.4MB PDF

WindsorONE Craftsman Moulding
Moulding and trim Idea Book features floor to ceiling options for a Craftsman style home.
Craftsman Moulding Idea Book
8 pgs / 1MB PDF

WindsorONE Exterior Trim
Exterior trim Idea Book includes ceilings and soffits, column wraps, and shiplap, plantation, v-groove and beadboard boards.
Exterior Trim Idea Book
12 pgs / 12mb PDF

Traditional Moulding Styles

Ceiling moulding samples including crown moulding

Ceiling Moulding

Cornice or crown moulding adds an upscale, elegant look to any room and is used to conceal the joint where the wall meets the ceiling, smoothing the transition. It can be used alone or as part of a build-up with a linear molding like casing or baseboard. Crown can also be added to kitchen cabinets and is often used in fireplace mantels.

When selecting crown it’s important to keep in mind the height of your ceiling and the size of the room. A good starting point is 1/2" rise for each 1' of ceiling, therefore a 9' ceiling could use a 4-1/2" crown.

Window and door trim samples including window and door casing

Window & Door Trim

Casing is the most visible of the decorative trims and will define the look of any room while providing the finishing touch. Casing is used to cover the gap between the wall (drywall or plaster) and the window or door frame, and is generally a little thicker than your floor or base moulding. When selecting casing, a general rule of thumb is that door casings can be a little wider and show more mass than window casing.

Wall and decorative trim moulding samples including chair rail, decorative panel and picture

Wall & Decorative Trim

These profiles have been used in architecture for centuries and take interior decoration to the next level. Chair rail, picture frame or panel molding is often used as a decorative element to add character and elegance to a room. Chair rail prevents chairs from damaging the walls and is installed 32" above the floor. Panel moulding is used to trim out raised panels or to create the effect of raised panels on a plain wall.

Floor moulding samples including three sizes of baseboard and Oak base shoe moulding

Floor Moulding

Baseboard or base moulding is applied around the room where the wall and flooring meet. Usually thinner than door casing, the baseboard should be chosen to work in harmony with your casing profile to tie the room together and finish the look. A base cap can be applied to the top of the baseboard for more detail and a base shoe (small quarter-round) can be added to cover the gap between the baseboard and the floor. Often a base shoe is added to protect the baseboard from cleaning tools or your robotic hoover.

Samples of wainscotting and tongue & groove reversible pattern beadboard

Wainscot / Beadboard

If you want to add a lot of character to a room or you’re going for that old fashioned look, then check out wainscoting where beadboard is applied to the lower wall surface and capped with a chair rail. Our all wood beadboard is tongue and groove, and reversible with one side v-groove and one side v-bead. You can use it for wall paneling, ceilings, porches or to create your traditional farmhouse kitchen.

Loggers take a break and pose for this 1910 photograph
This is what logging looked like in 1910 as loggers pose in this vintage photo.
Economy Lumber Company - Lumber & Wood Products Catalog PDF cover

Lumber & Wood Catalog

Our Lumber & Wood Catalog is a handy, downloadable PDF that’s an easy reference guide to the type of Lumber and Wood we inventory, including the sizes and grades. We also list the common Building Materials we stock, the Window & Door Brands we carry and the Contractor Services we offer.

Lumber & Wood Catalog PDF
Economy Lumber Company
Lumber & Wood Catalog

8 pages / 3.3MB PDF

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